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Welcome to The Nutrition Tree

You landed here because you are looking for something; something that will give you answers. Chances are you are a woman who is struggling with herself physically; maybe emotionally and/or have health issues.

  • Don’t like how you are feeling?
  • Don’t like the direction your health is going?

Is this right?

As a woman over 40, you’re frustrated with some of the changes taking place & don’t know where to turn. There comes a point when we say to ourselves…

  • “I don’t want to take another medication.”
  • “I’m tired of feeling tired all the time.”
  • “I’m sick of not being able to think straight.”
  • “I hate feeling bloated & struggling with digestive upset.”

Does this sound familiar?

  • Eating “healthy,” exercising, & wondering why you can’t lose weight?
  • Warming up with coffee & cooling down with wine (Oh, boy can I relate to this move)?
  • Spending countless hours at the office or taking care of others & fueling yourself on caffeine and confections?
  • Waking up in a fog of exhaustion & feeling stuck, numb or out of whack?
  • Dealing with random bloating & digestive problems?
  • Hitting autopilot to get through the day because you are so disconnected?
  • Overwhelmed with anxiety, depression or just lacking luster in life?

Well, I have something to tell you . . . . YOU can’t go on like this forever, YOU are going to


What this crash looks like is very different for every woman. Hormones, food sensitivities and environmental toxins are just a few of the reasons you are out of balance.

The Nutrition Tree is here to help Transform, Renew & Empower YOU!

Just because you have entered the second half of your life, doesn’t mean you should be any less of a woman and experience the inevitable crash.

The Good News . . .

the results of getting your hormones in balance, identifying your food sensitivities & ridding the toxins from your life can be a real game changer.

So how is your current health strategy working for you?

Let us work together to pick up the pieces to your story & start putting your life back together . . .

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